About Greater Results Less Effort

The mission of GreaterResultsLessEffort.com is to inform and motivate individuals to make better decisions that return more enjoyment and improved results in their lives both personally and professionally. Do you want more enjoyment and more impact from the decisions in your life? Do you want a workforce or team that works for everyone’s success? Apply the Ten Bedrock Truths to harness the potential in any person and any situation!

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Detailed Topics Covered in Training and Speeches:

  • Obtaining positive results from both good and challenging situations
  • Using conflict resolution to build better relationships that benefit all involved and help to come up with better solutions in the process
  • Tapping into the awesome potential of diverse perspectives to make more informed decisions and achieve greater success
  • Learning how working hard and doing the right things bring unplanned opportunities.
  • Exercising time and money management that gives you the space to make better decisions and achieve more enjoyment
  • Becoming a better leader to inspire people to give their time and talent freely and fully


Bud Hendrickson’s message is simple and easily applied by young and old alike.

  • Corporate Leadership and Staff
  • Young Professionals
  • Colleges
  • High Schools
  • Athletic Associations
  • Church Groups
  • For-profit and Non-profit Organizations

Access www.GreaterResultsLessEffort.com and follow Bud Hendrickson as he demonstrates how to apply the Ten Bedrock Truths to the opportunities in your world. Learn how to best leverage them for your benefit and for the benefit of people around you.