God’s Plan Unfolding

As we gathered for New Year’s Eve Celebrations on December 31, 2019, I don’t think that any one of us
would have thought that the New Year of 2020 would have unfolded as it did: economically, medically, emotionally, financially, coupled with a national election and associated political strife seen in immense divisions societally. Much of this crisis environment was driven by a virus, or so we were told. Our country and indeed our world have gone from one negative event to another. The effects on people are as varied as the people themselves, but it would be safe to say we all have been impacted significantly by the events of 2020.

The publisher of my book Enjoy your Journey – Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything About You wanted to assemble a book of encouragement to help people become more effective in dealing with the challenges we’ve experienced, or will have to confront in 2021 and beyond.

Glen Aubrey contacted several published authors and many who were not published. He invited these people to become Contributors for this new work. One published author wrote two timely and relevant chapters. The response from these writers, according to Glen, was overwhelming.

Sixteen contributors, representing varied experiences and backgrounds, offered encouragement and insight on topics ranging from race issues, personal storms of life, grief, dealing with severe loss, nutritional guidance and how to improve health, and being content no matter the circumstances. Each story was true, and each represented a crisis the author had endured where each writer dedicated his or her chapter to God’s faithfulness in trial and test, no matter the severity. The stories of faith resonate with all who have read the accounts.

My chapter is titled, Compassion and Common Ground for Those Affected by Crisis. Many of us have heard that hindsight is 20/20, but these contributors, along with me, shared wisdom and expertise with their personal story from their life journey. All stories related to the issues we had to deal with in 2020, as well as in many years prior, and all apply today as we look through the front windshield and try to navigate through the challenges and life events, post pandemic.

If you, or someone you know, needs strength and renewal in these challenging times, check out God’s Plan Unfolding. Experience the wisdom of the writers as they relate their true stories of challenges they dealt with successfully through faith. These relate to each of us because each story showcases and  graphically demonstrates dependence upon God. Each chapter shows you how you can do the same.

I have attached a link here, and at the beginning of this blog for you to access, should the
book interest you. Again, the link: www.godsplanunfolding.com

You can check out my book Enjoy Your Journey – Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve
Everything About You here: www.enjoyandimprove.com

Be encouraged and encourage others as you walk through your journey! Enjoy!