Great Results with Less Effort

I have had this thought running in my mind for a while about getting Great Results with Less Effort. I have been reflecting on my recent five years with two job changes, relocating from a community we lived for twenty years, and a terminal illness that ended up in the passing of Nancy, my high school sweetheart and wife of twenty-eight years.

What I have learned through the experiences of my Life Journey was the importance of using the Bedrock Truths to focus on the highest priority issues, and tapping into relationships and perspectives so that I am making the most informed decisions I can. The first Bedrock Truth is “Ninety Percent Today and Ten Percent Tomorrow.” This Bedrock Truth is about prioritizing what is most important and investing in that today.

We cannot do anything about yesterday, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. The prioritization process is critical and was used extensively when Nancy was fighting cancer as she did not have the energy to do as much, so we had to be very selective in how she used her energy. When I started a new job in a new industry, there were more opportunities on which to work than I had time or energy to complete.

Choosing the right priorities that would bring the most desired results, was essential. Doing three critically important activities allowed for greater results sooner than attempting ten activities and partially completing them or only completing a few of the easiest lowest priority activities.

The second Bedrock Truth that comes to mind is this: “The Power of Diversity.” Whether you are navigating a new health issue, just diagnosed, or leading a team in a new environment where you are not the expert, or learning to live in a completely new arena, the following quote from my book applies. “In managing complex and/or important situations, plan wisely before moving forward. The best plan often requires acquiring and evaluating the opinion, action, and competence of more than one qualified individual.” Have you heard the line, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision?” Wouldn’t we all like to have 20/20 vision as we are going through the issue and not have to look back to get it? Find a competent person/group that has gone through that issue before since their perspective and input will allow you to have as close to 20/20 vision you can get in dealing with your similar issue, without having to look back to find the answers on how you could have managed the situation better.

As I experienced challenges and went through parts of my life journey regardless of difficulty, I would not have chosen to witness many of these challenging life events, and many people feel the same way every day, but we don’t always get to choose our life events. Romans 8:28 puts it all into perspective. “And we all know that all things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” Exercise your free will to learn all you can learn and be willing to become a better person from every challenge and life experience that comes your way.

This change in attitude alone will bring personal growth, greater results, and more joy in your life!