Enjoy Your Chemistry!!

I always knew humans are affected by chemistry (hormones) in our body.  I never really looked into it until recently when my son Grant shared a video by Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last.

The gold nugget or ah ha moment for me was when Simon went into detail about the hormones and their role.  It was like a light bulb went on inside my head – Enjoy Your Journey and the 10 Bedrock Truths is all about Enjoying Your Chemistry!!

What we do and how we respond affect how our hormone system engages.   The two hormones I want to focus on are Oxytocin and Cortisol.

Oxytocin is like an antidepressant and it has a positive effect on prosocial behaviors.  When we have good levels of Oxytocin we are relaxed, are trusting, and have psychological stability. Oxytocin is released when we feel safe and with physical touch like hugging and hand shaking.

Cortisol gives us the energy for fight or flee in stressful and dangerous situations.  We have all felt it when our heart rate increases. To get this energy the body shuts down all unnecessary functions like the immune system, reproduction, and physical growth.  It is a great chemical to save our lives in dangerous situations but if it is chronic and in our system all the time it leads to health issues and makes us less emphatic.

Being and engineer I get excited by seeing various roads lead to the same destination.  We all are affected by body chemistry/hormones in our body so to Enjoy Your Journey is all about Enjoying Your Chemistry to your benefit.  The key is to maximize oxytocin and minimize cortisol and that is what the 10 Bedrock Truths are all about and I didn’t even know it!!  Building positive relationships, resolving conflict effectively, positive change management, using diversity to solve challenging issues, better methods to deal with difficult people, and creating margin with time and money are all things I did and got great positive results in my life through the chemistry that affects each and every one of us in the same way.   Enjoying Your Chemistry is what goes on inside your body to allow you to Enjoy Your Journey!!

For February I am running a special on my book.  If you buy a hardcover through my website www.enjoyandimprove.com  I will throw in a softcover for free.  I will still do free shipping and handling.  Great time to buy graduation gifts early as it would be a great resource for a young adult about ready to leave high school or college.  Encourage someone that may be dealing with difficult issues by giving them a gift of Enjoy Your Journey.  It is all about making better choices every day to increase the enjoyment in life!!

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