Are We Open?

What I love about this picture of my son Grant teaching his grandfather how to better use his Iphone is that learning can go both ways.  Here is a guy that was born in the mid 1920’s, raised on a ranch in Western South Dakota during the depression, was a navigator on B-29’s during WWII and has been shot down, came home and went to college, started a business, and raised a family.  He is open to learning from someone much younger than he is and who has experienced much less of life than he has.  Why?

That Iphone allows him to stay in closer contact will family and friends and he recognizes the skill and familiarity that the younger generation has with technology.  His pride does not get in the way of future benefits of using the technology and he is open to instruction from someone much younger so he can better use his Iphone.

The question to all of us are we open to input and instruction from others that are more skilled in areas than us?  Are we open to it if it comes from someone much younger than us?  The key to managing change is to utilize resources that better prepares you for getting the most out of the change we are faced with.  The value of diversity of skill set is displayed here and Grant’s grandfather is open and appreciative of the investment in him.  Are we open to investment in ourselves from others?  If so, there are so many future benefits awaiting you and it will provide opportunities for you to invest in others with the skills that you have.  That is win/win and the goal of all relationships and will yield much more enjoyment on your journey!!

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