The Power of Diversity

I love to use football as an analogy for teamwork. I was a linebacker and we all know that linebackers are good looking, athletic, and smart. But how good would a team be with 53 linebackers? You need offensive linemen, defensive linemen, and they are different from one another. Quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, defensive backs, and yes, even kickers who may not have real pads or helmets—but when you need that extra point, field goal, or well-placed punt, they are critical to team success. “Power of diversity of skills and thought” is the theme here and it applies to any team who is looking for high performance. “If two people think alike, one of them is not needed.”

In managing complex and/or important situations, “Plan wisely before moving forward.” The best plan often requires acquiring and evaluating the opinion, action, and competence of more than one qualified individual.


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