Ninety Percent for Today and Ten Percent for Tomorrow

We have a choice in who we choose as friends, but we don’t have a choice in who we have as our family. To build that relationship with family, it may and often does require us to get into their worlds. I was very fortunate that both my boys played football and it was a family endeavor. I coached youth football, announced games, and was a member of the youth football board. We not only invested in our children in this sport, but in the children of our community at the same time. Because it was an interest of mine, it was easy to get involved and allocate my time, money, and emotion.

But football was not the entire makeup of our children. Our older son wrestled as a second sport and loved comic books and superhero movies. Our younger son loved music and was a drummer for a band in high school. He also loved the outdoors and got involved in Boy Scouts and eventually became an Eagle Scout. I chose to get involved in things that at first I had little or no knowledge.

For my wife, I am sure that where I was most comfortable she was not. As it was so well written in her memorial, “Still being the ‘only girl’ in the family, Nancy knew the importance of the winning touchdown or the elusive takedown in her sons’ lives, cheering them on with high enthusiasm.” It is important if not vital to get into their worlds which may force you to get out of yours, but the paybacks are worth it!

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