Doing Your Best, Doing It Right

Truly believe in the “Work hard while doing your best, do the right things, and go through the doors of opportunity that are in front of you” philosophy. Working hard may be pretty easy to put our minds around. But how about “do the right thing”? My definition of “do the right thing” is this: “Can you pass the ‘red face test’ if you share your motives and actions to all that are affected by what you do?” The “red face test” is not the same for all people, of course, but you need to worry only about your “red face test.”

Could I ever have planned my journey and the points of interest along the way? No way! For me, had I not been open to new ventures and worked hard at achieving them, I would have missed a great journey. Your journey could take you around the world. It could take you to places across the country like mine did. Or it could be a journey in the same town your entire life. No journey is better than another. The question is, are we enjoying our journey as much as we can? Are we positively impacting the people and situations over which we have influence along the way?

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