Change: An Opportunity or a Threat

Change is a part of the events in all of our lives. Some changes we have control over, but many come our way whether we like them or not. Change is neither good nor bad, but how we embrace it and grow from it will determine how it impacts our lives. If we reject change, the results may treat us poorly. Joy may be minimized and negativity can creep into our life. Many times if you resist change in your work, your performance will suffer. Many people lose their jobs because they are no longer in alignment with the direction of the organization. But if you embrace change, you can maximize the opportunity the change offers to bring to your life. You will grow, learn, and meet the needs of why the change was initiated in the first place. Most of the time the negative effects of the change won’t occur, and there are positives that were never seen or considered at the beginning of the change.

Consider evaluating the challenges within your current situation and the future benefits if change is managed well. The evaluation of your current state and future rewards are parts of discovering what can or should occur and provides the motivation to make change happen. Identify “what’s in it for me” and eliminate any barriers or resistance to change. This assessment can make a fundamental difference in determining the amount of effort your positive change will require.

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